This week’s mix/ playlist was put together especially for ‘Drop the Biscuit’ by Martin, an old school friend of mine, who of course later went on to be part of  the Pop group Depeche Mode. He’s also recorded a couple a brilliant Solo Albums- Counterfeit 1 & 2. The pic just shows you what a handsome little devil he was at school, an we also used it for an invite to one of his later Birthday parties in the mid nineties, I think?……anyway here’s the track listing, enjoy.

read & hear more http://dropthebiscuit.net/martin-gore/

I was talking about this. I love the pic!

My stupid and obvious thoughts about Martin Gore’s playlist lol

Martin’s playlist it’s absolutely wonderful and extremely interesting. My perspective lacks of objectivity, I know that perfectly, but that’s what I think. I really liked the songs, I have to admit. I have been happy to discover that the man is aware of a huge variety of music genres. And, by doing some research, I saw that many of the songs are actually recent. And well, I could have imagined that he liked listening to some blues and electronic music, but it was a surprise to find Les Temps De L’Amour by Françoise Hardy, for example… This man is full of surprises and has definitely a great taste in music (not that I doubted about it).
I’d love to hear some more.
I’ve said enough stupid things, I’ll better go lol. Bye.


'85 Era ….somegreatreward<3


Now you’re standing there tongue tied
You better learn your lesson well
Hide what you have to hide
And tell what you have to tell…..

Ladies and gentlemen, Martin Lee Gore.


probably the most beautiful picture ive ever seen

One of my favourites.